Boost rewards
without sacrificing liquidity

Lock tokenized voting escrow token for maximum long-term rewards and participate in DAO governance.

Enter veToken 

Tokenized veAsset to maximum profits

  • Put your veAsset token to work
  • Facilitate to increase lock veAssets for long term by tokenized veAsset token
  • Boost yield for defi users by pooled veAsset staker address

Boost farming yield by using pooled veAsset address

  • Deposit LP token to get boosted rewarding without long term locking veAsset token

Participate in Governance DAO

  • Vote for integrating new projects which adopted Voting Escrow tokenomics
  • Participate DAO Governance of the integrated Voting Escrow projects

Meet the organisations backing veToken

Getting Started

veToken Finance works mainly with projects which implement Voting Escrow, Gauges and a Profit-sharing model.


Stake tokenised veAsset Token to earn protocols revenue.


Stake LP tokens offered by veAssets projects to earn boosted rewards.


Stake veToken to get xVE-token and access voting power for veToken fiance governance.


veToken wraps assets such as CRV to enable Platform features and maintain Liquidity.

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